open wound!!!


Nov 28, 2020
so my duck was attacked by something big and left her with a huge open wound and i tried the vet hut they are closed for holidays. i feel like it hurts her alot but shes walking and eating and still aaare of her soundings! i dont know how to treat it or what to do!!


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@Isaac 0 @Eggcessive You need to separate her in a dog crate emedaitly inside you house were it is warm. Rinse the wound with a sterile solution, like saline, Clorhexadine, or any wound wash. You can use sappy water fi that is all you have. clean the wound well, and spray with Vetrycin, if you have it, and slather the wound with antibiotic ointment. You can put sugar, or electrolytes in her water as a boost. Do these things immediately, DON"T WRAP THE WOUND!
I am a big fan of Blue-Kote available at your feed store. Sure it always stains my hands up bad but I have had the best results with that stuff. Additionally if you have a good working relationship with your veterinarian it might be a good idea to get a vial of lidocaine and syringes to keep stocked as I have had to amputate body parts in the past and that worked out well for me to feel I was not hurting my chicken badly. Hen recovered infection free and had a good few hours of pain relief so I had a good nerve block going. In reality you are probably the only Dr. your fowl will ever see unless you are resource rich. Also most vets know less than chicken owners about treating fowl. Cattle/horses/dogs and cats seem to be their focus. Most of my antiseptic soaks involve Epsom salt solutions it has been effective for me and I can get it at almost every grocery store.
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:welcome:woot:woot:celebrate:yesss:Hello and welcome to BYC, You found an Awesome poultry Forum to be a part of with many great knowledgeable members who are more then willing to jump in and help you with any questions you may have. :)

Poor little girl, Your on a great Forum to receive all the helpful information you need to get her all doctored up. Best of luck and wishing her a speedy recovery! :)
That is a pretty deep wound, and I personally feel taking her to your vet, when you can, would be the best idea. My concern here would be the underlying damage beneath the wound, internally.

The best thing you can do for now, is moving her inside, into a warm, dimly lit area, with feed and water provided. If you haven't, for wound care, trim the feathers around the wound, flush the wound well, with some saline to lavage out, and any debris, and feathers. Then slather on an antibacterial ointment like Neosporin, or Preparation H which is used quite frequently as it increases the respiratory component in the epithelium layer of skin, encouraging healing. Silver silvadene cream is in most vet offices as well.

I'm personally not a fan of Blu-kote, for the reasons that it stains the wound, and surrounding feathers blue which makes it hard to accurately monitor, and some of the ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol, can be damaging to the healthy cells. Use what you feel most comfortable with though.

More pictures would be better, but looking at how deep, and damaging the wound is, adding some gauze/padding overtop, and wrapping may be advised too.

Antibiotics for infection would also be advised. Here are some you can get online :
That wound is too deep for BluKote. Get 2% chlorhexidene at your feed store or Vetericyn wound spray to clean the wound twice a day. Then apply plain antibiotic ointment and leave the wound open. Keep her in a dog crate with food and water, so that she doesn’t get pecked around her wound. Here is a link for chlorhexidene which cannbe used in a spray bottle:
My duck got a wound there too from a dog attack. My duck was also left with a wound next to his left leg. For pain you can give your duck .11mL of children’s ibreprofen per pound. I cleaned my duck with and sprayed with blu-kote. Blu kote will prevent infection as this is the last thing we want. Does it seem frightened, scared, or stressed? I would offer electrolytes if he seems stress. Ducks panic very easily and die from being frightened. A week later the dog came again but we cought it before it could even touch any of them again. Cops came, for the second time and they were fined and the dog was taken to the animal shelter :)
@castillakim , what you're going to see in ER posts like this is tons of conflicting advice on whether you should bandage/wrap the wound or not, what to apply, how to maintain it, whether the duck should be euthanized, etc. It can be hard sometimes to sort through the information, so I advise you to research proper wound care in birds, and use that to base off of, and add structure to your decision.

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