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Sep 9, 2008
New Hampshire
I'm hoping that i can get this working properly to post pics of my kids--i would love to know the genders for REAL!! we named them on suspicion and perhaps are wrong!!
chick-pretty sure it's a hen

fluffy-pretty sure it's a hen

wednesday-crows--it's a boy!!

scrappy-thought girl-not sure-had 2 name changes already

big mama-really really really disappointed if it's a roo

mr roo-roo---he's definitely a boy!!

they were all given to me from the same hatching of eggs and are 5 1/2 months old!!
please set my mind at ease:th
thank you~~~~~~~~
Well, it's certainly possible that I am wrong. The only two I could be wrong about though are Chick and Scrappy because it's harder to see if there are saddle feathers. Big Mama is definitely a rooster though. You can tell because of the skinny saddle feathers and the shiny, sickle feathers in the tail.
my heart is sinking but i did have a feeling!! they get along so well and when i introduced 3 mature hens they reacted really "intrigued" i guess you'd say!!
if i keep them-other than introducing more hens-how do i keep them from hurting each other?? my coop can hold maybe 12 and my smaller coop can hold maybe 4 comfortably. they're free range so how do i "tell" them to split up and you sleep here and you sleep there!! we're too attached to play favorites and oust a few!!:aww
I think that Fluffy is the only girl!

They all have long pointy saddle feathers and shiny! To me Chick looks like boy too..he/she has those big thick legs and his/her saddle feather (even though they are white) point down too! He looks like a sex link to me! Someone correct me if I am wrong, but the sex link roosters are white and the hens are brown/red??
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my kids will be devestated!! only 2 crow so i was holding on!! my neighbors will not be happy if i have 5 big boys crowing all day!! the 2 that do are "funny" but 5 will be insanity!!

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