Opinions on my Backyard Coop/Run Design.... PLEASE!


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Hey ya'll

So I finally just sat down and put the pen to paper. I have no experiance drafting, so please put up with my drawings, LOL!

The Floor of the coop will be 2 feet off the gound, with a door and ladder to the Run. The Front, back and Side (Labled back Side) will go all the way to the ground, and the Inner Wall that leads to run will be cut two feet short, so the chickens will have covered run area under the coop. Total run area will be four feet covered and 4 feet uncovered, but chickens will be free in the yard, while I am home. The Nest boxes will be 16"X16", there will be 3 total. The roost will be a 2x4 cut to length. I do plan to have a window, I'm just not sure where, I'm thinking at the top of the Inner wall? Oh and when looking at the wall labled "Front", it is sideways, so you'll have to turn your head 180 degrees clockwise
. I only plan to have two, maybe three banty hens and one Banty rooster. What do you all think, Will it be ok?



A few things in no random order:
You only need 1 nest box for 3 hens. Check that, they're banties, go with 2. One will probably be broody at all times
You could make them smaller though.
Where are you going to put the food and water? If your coop is high enough, try to double up. You could put the roost up and then put your food and water under the poo catch tray. (I'd also lid them, just to be double safe). If you could do wall mounted, that would be even better.
I'd build the run bigger if you can. You say they'll be out a lot and I get that, but also realize that when you're only going to be home two hours, eventually you'll say 'it's not worth getting them back in!!!'
If you're definately going to have a rooster, I'd try to go a bit larger with everything. Honestly, your hens won't have much space to get away from the roo with your dimensions.
All that said..... it will work
Some people will tell you that unless it's the Taj Mahal, it's not big/good enough but they're chickens. I'm sure they'd be very happy in that coop
The previous are just suggestions.
Hi Kelseygirl - I have the same coop dimensions and I really wish it were bigger! Mine is not as tall as your coop so you could use the 'upper' space too, like sherrydeanne said.

It's cozy in there with the water and food dispensers, and there's no space for "storage", which becomes very important, you'll find.

Although it's small, it works. I have four RIRs and they are big girls. They each have their own area they keep to and get along great. No plucking or picking, that's the first indication that your space is too small.

I am considering adding nest boxes to one of the outside walls so that there will be more space inside the coop for them, although I haven't had any complaints from them yet!.
You may want to consider that, it makes for easier egg gathering.

Good luck!
Thanks everybody. I could totally have Dh put the nesting boxes on the outside, and only go with 2 boxes, I was just going fo easies to make. And I acutually work from home, so basically unless DH and I go out to dinner, they will have free run of the yard all day, as one of us has to be home all the time to deal with customers. I do want DH to do a wall mounted feeder and DH was a plumber for 8 years, I'm sure he could hook up something cool yet space efficient for a waterer. I really wish I could just make the whole thing bigger, but the space I have for the coop/run is next to a patio, and this is basically all the space I have without putting them on the patio, or taking up a somewhat big chunk of the dogs lawn (also there is no way DH would let me take over any part of the lawn, I'm surprised he is ok with me taking as much space as I am.)

Thanks, and feel free to keep it coming!

I like the concept - it's somewhat similar to what I built last year. I would also recommend fewer nest boxes - I originally was going to install 4, but ended up framing out just two of them.

Good luck!


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Your coop seems somewhat similar to one that I made last fall.



If I'm reading the floor layout correctly, do you have the nest box on the opposite wall from the door? You'll have to reach under the roost to retrieve eggs - could be a bummer if it's pooey. You might want to consider a way to put it closer to the door to make your life easier.

What are your ventilation plans?
What are you going to do with the space on either side of the nest box? Will you be feeding/watering inside? I like sherry's idea of wall mounting. Depends on if you get cold and will need a heated water dish I suppose.

Any plans for a window? I'd definitely recommend that.

I might make the roost a little shorter and then shift it to the 3 ft. wall. That would likely be enough space for 4-5 banties. That in turn opens up wall space for easy access to your nest box as well as an open wall for a window.
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