ordering chicks Help


Mar 7, 2018
Been trying to order chicks from my pet chicken, and it won't let complete the registry. Want to order porcilain D'uccles before they are all gone. they alread have a limited supply.
With Meyers its only 15 min from Dec.- Mar. hatches then the min. drops to 3. Thats where I got my chicks from last year and they are going strong except for my 2 Australorps I lost to opossum
Thank you everyone, I contacted mpc and they only send 9 chicks min. of bantums, to my zipcode year around. I only want 2 porcelin D'uccles, for pets, they are so cute. So I guess that is out of the question for me. Guess I won' t be getting my chickens.I'm sad.
Check with meyers the only thing is that I think cuz or the rarity of the breed they only sell straight runs but hatched starting in April is a 3 chick min.

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