Organic chicken feed

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6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
New Jersey
I am looking for an organic feed to feed my "ladies".
Any suggestions?
My chickens should start to lay eggs in October.
Also, should I add oyster shell or can I get feed with it already in there.
Should be a lot of choices in NJ. Nature's Best Organic from Kreamer, PA is distributed very widely. Check their website for feed stores. There is also Organic Unlimited in Atglen Chester County, PA & McGeary Organics in Lancaster which might sell in your area. Both the latter ones also sell organic soy free. If you have Agway in NJ they would also have NatureSmart Organic made by Cargill. You can also check Fertrell Minerals website to see if there are any distributors of their products in your area & maybe find a local farmer who uses them to make local feed. Hope this helps.

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