Oswego, IL FINALLY Passed Ordinance!

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7 Years
Jun 3, 2016
Oswego, IL 60543, USA
As of 9/1/17 we will be able to have 6 backyard chickens. The only problem I see is with the requiring of underground electrical to the coop, as that will be too expensive for most people, and actually not necessary all year round.

Chicken Coops for the raising of residential chickens subject to the following regulations:
a. Up to six (6) domestic hens may be kept on properties zoned and occupied for single family residential use only.
b. Roosters are prohibited in the Village limits.
c. No person shall slaughter any chickens in the Village limits, except for humane or religious reasons.
d. Hens shall be provided with a covered inside enclosure and an adjacent outside fenced area. The outside area shall be no less than 32 square feet in area.
e. Enclosures and fenced areas shall be set back thirty (30) feet from any occupied residential structure, other than that of the owner, but not less than the minimum setback required for accessory structures in the zoning district.
f. All structures shall be constructed and maintained in such a manner as to be free of rodent infestation.
g. A building permit shall be required for all enclosures.
h. Electric service to enclosures shall not be provided by an extension cord.
i. Hens shall be kept in the enclosure and fenced area at all times.
j. All feed and other items that are associated with the keeping of chickens that likely to attract or become infested with rodents shall be protected in a container with a tightly fitted lid so as to prevent rodents from gaining access to or coming into contact with them.
k. All chickens shall be kept in the rear yard.
l. All areas where hens are kept shall be maintained in a neat and clean manner, free of undue accumulation of waste such as to cause odors detectable on adjacent properties.
m. No person shall allow chickens to produce noise loud enough to disturb the peace of persons of reasonable sensitivity.

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