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Mar 17, 2018
Please help! We have been incubating in a turner & transferring to still air at 25 days - Welch Harlequin & Khaki Campbell duck eggs. We candle at 7 days and again at 15, once more at 25 when transferring. We have several babies - however - our last batch of 15 only hatched 4. All 15 were active wigglers when transferring to still air. 2 pipped and bills out and died. 4 hatched (overnight). The rest - fully developed and through the air sack but not the shell - never hatched. Fully formed perfect babies. Is it the humidity perhaps? I sanitize the still air between hatchings. It seems they are not able to get through the shell and just suffocating in there. Poor things. What should the humidity be in the turner and what should it be in the still air? Thanks for your advice.
Whereabouts are you? Local humidity has alot to do with incubator settings.
When you opened the ones that died, were they very dry or very wet? Were the air cells on track throughout?
Consider ventilation too, are the vents open on the hatcher?

X2, those are my thoughts as well. If you're finding you have trouble pinpointing what your humidity should be, you might want to try weighing the eggs in your next batch to track moisture loss that way, as it will tell you exactly how much they should be losing and whether your current humidity is achieving that goal, and allow you to adjust accordingly.
Thank you for your responses. I am using Farm Innovators Pro Series Digital 4250 with turner and Farm Innovators Still Air 2150. They are indoors in a warm room (I live in Massachusetts). I do not have the plugs open. There are 8 holes (not including the plugs) that are open all the time on both incubators. Sometimes I have condensation. I don't believe the humidity sensor works on the turner. What should the humidity be during turning and what should it be during hatching? They do not seem dry when I break them open, however they don't seem soggy either. I do suspect the humidity is too high - I have opened the 2 vents since reading the posts above. Do you recommend a thermometer / humidity sensor to purchase? I have found several on amazon all with conflicting reviews. Thanks!
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Aside from humidity, what about oxygen levels?
Your "hatcher"- are the vents fully open for oxygen exchange? If not, then they don't have enough oxygen after internally pipping and they basically suffocate in the egg

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