Our LGDs killed a hen this morning.


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Jul 29, 2013
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Lol! Slighted. Ignored. Put-upon. XD Truly you've had a thumb bitten at you!

Now you must duel for your honor. I suggest rapiers. Between the rapier and the length of your arm it should still meet the 6' social distancing suggestion.

But there's a lot of good advice here yours included and it all boils down to the same thing. These are toddler puppies and they need months of experience and training to be LGDs.

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ONCE, we had two puppies at the same time. ONCE, and never again! The best time to get that second dog, is after the first is pretty well trained, and over one year of age. Older is better.
These pups will be attached at the hip to each other, and not to you, or their primary purpose in life.
And, this is not really an breed that's easily trained, being independent and self right, not at all like a Golden Retriever, for example. Basic training, as in 'sit, stay, leave it, and then come, take time to be even remotely reliable, and then all the rest.
And having excellent fencing!


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My rule of thumb prior to this year is getting pups at no less than 18 month intervals. More than two being ran through because two will be going to my place of works where they will have protect a much larger flock of mostly broilers that will be spread over an area approaching 20 acres. May have 1,500 broilers on ground at a time and we are covered up in owls that like to take only heads from several birds in a night based on small time commercial guy I know. Owls already bad enough crapping on my beehives.

We already have a very good Akbash with about 100 goats and 25 or so sheep that are split out over 200 acres so she cannot cover chickens even if prepared it.


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Aug 11, 2019
We purchased two Livestock Guardian Dogs a month ago and just recently we are losing hens one by one. But this morning we found a dead hen which they had caught and mauled it. It's organs were exposed. We thought LGDs instinctively are protective. They have been out with the 50 hens for 4 weeks. The dogs are Maremmas.
Can anyone give advice?
My maremma did the same thing to one of our chickens when we first got her. She was young and playful. But they are dogs and all dogs still have hunting instincts. When the birds run from the dog, the dogs instinctively start chasing them, and it escalates very quickly after that. My dog eventually learned that she does not chase the birds, and that the birds are off limits. But they don’t automatically start out that way. Maremma as I have learned are not the brightest breed of dog. I used to have a border collie and we got her when she was a puppy and she always knew from the beginning once we got her adjusted to the birds that she protects not hurts them. My maremma however after we’ve had her for 5 years now still needs reminders every once and a while. It’s just the breed I guess.
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