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Sep 7, 2009
I have asked this before but now I have a picture to go with the question so I hope this helps.
This is Meadow. He is my son's 4H project. Silkies are new to us but of all the pictures I have seen of silkies I have not seen any with this type of head. All the pictures we have seen show a full head of feathers so we are concerned. But in reading the APA standards of perfection it talks about a walnut head with the deep coloring so that is where the confusion comes in.
My son is worried that Meadow is not going to make the cut to be shown because of this. I don't know if he is a certain type of silkie, if his head feathers will come, etc. I can't even tell you his age but I believe he is a younger bird.
Could someone please help us?

I have also put in a picture of our silkie chicks. My son would also like to show them but we don't know how to sex them and if they are still too young to sex when we fill out the form for show is it acceptable to write in "unknown" under sex?
Finally, does anyone know if the black chick will stay black or will it be gray? And what about the other yellow one? Will it become white like my other chickens?

Thanks in advance for all your help.
Levi & Karen
Your silkie roo looks just fine. Only in the very best of show roosters do they have much of a top hat. It looks like the buff is a girls and the black/grey is a boy. (the girls have top hats that are 'poofed' and the guys have slicked back ones, generally)
OH thank you so very much....you have relieved a lot of stress for us. Interesting about the baby's and their sex. I didn't know that. So in keeping the little rooster will we have fights such as other breed of roosters do?
Not really sure what this has to do with my post. Not the one that answered my question I was speaking of the blogspot post.
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Silkies tend to be more docile than other breeds, but you should still maintain a balance of at least six hens per rooster... But although they might fight amongst themselves, I have not found silkies to ever want to fight a human.

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