Ovation points not adding up?


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Jun 28, 2011
Now and then when I go into my profile I see that I received an ovation. When I then view the ovations to see which post I got it for I sometimes see I actually received more than 1 since I last checked, but only 1 point got added to the "ovations" total. The "ovations received" total goes up with every one I receive as does the "unique ovations", it's just the total on top that does not. This has happened a few times now, but most of the ovations I received got added immediately.

I've actually received 2 ovations yesterday evening (our time) for 2 separate posts and the total hasn't changed.

These ovations were not given for posts in the more social section.

Oh, the "eggs" are incorrect in mine as well. I've got one more egg than I should have. Not complaining though
Ok, I think I see the problem. It seems that ovations from new members is being recorded but not counted.

I'll have to have the engineers look into it and they won't be able to until Monday. Don't worry though, any reputation given will be calculated.
Some of the ones I didn't get points for were from new members, but some were from older members who had high post counts already. I'll check if/when it happens again.
Sometimes the math can be different from what you expect for a few reasons; e.g., not all ovations from all people for all things are the same. For example, you will get more points if a moderator likes your contribution more than a new member.
You don't say! The last 2 I received I got more than 1 point for each and they were both new members.
This hasn't happened before.
I saw now that I got another ovation that I didn't get a point for, like I mentioned in the first post. This one was from a new member.

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