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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by DLS, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Now that summer has hit Georgia, The temps are going to rise & stay hot soon 85 now. I was wondering the best way to COOL my birds they are 7 weeks old or so. & I wonder if a fan would be ok blowing ON THEM? or out the window? they are in the big yard all day but I close them in at night.. what say ye?
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    I say you should blow some of that warm weather over here! [​IMG]
    A fan should be good, as long as they can't get any appendages inside.
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    I wouldn't worry about the heat until it gets in the upper 90's, chickens seem to do ok as long as they have some shade and maybe some damp dirt to lay in (a gallon jug with a couple small holes in the bottom weill keep a patch of dirt damp) For our rabbits, when it gets really hot, we keep gallon jugs of water in the deep freeze then put one in the pen so they can get near it if they want.
    If you do put a fan in the coop, I would say an exhaust fan in a window drawing OUT is your best bet. With another window open somewhere, it will create an airflow and draw the hot air out and cool air in. That has worked well in all the barns I know of.
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    One thing that we plan on doing is filling up 2 liter bottles with water and freezing them. Then we will hang the frozen bottles from the roof of the coop, to a couple feet above the chicken's heads (about the middle of the coop height). That way they will be out of the chickens' way and should give off enough cold air to reduce the ambient temp of the place. And those bottles seem to take forever to thaw out, as well.

    Give that a shot and see if it helps you out.
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    Here's a helpful post: 10 Tips for a Cooler Coop

    We also use the frozen soda bottles and the birds just love them!

    Hope this helps!


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