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    Jan 7, 2009
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    Wednesday night, I ordered a mattress, boxspring and "upgraded" frame, with delivery, set up and removal of the old bed and paid for it online. I left it as a "call me to schedule delivery" so that I had a little more time to think about it. I got a call the next day from the store, the guy told me that they only deliver to my area on Saturdays, and they could do it this Saturday, BUT, they didn't have the right frame in stock, and would have to Fedex it later. I declined, and he said that they could do it the following Saturday, because I'm pregnant, I paid the delivery/setup fee because I can't do it, and I don't want to pay the fee AND still have to find someone to help hubby haul it up and set it up. So, he scheduled me for the following Saturday. Friday night, at 7:42, I get a message on my phone saying "I'm your mattress delivery man, I'm calling to confirm delivery Saturday between 8am and 10am". I called back, to be sure that he meant the FOLLOWING Saturday, but he said, no, it's tomorrow morning. I explained to him the situation, and said that I didn't want to do it this Saturday (today), and I had originally scheduled it for the following Saturday. He was complaining about Saturday delivery hours, how he would do my delivery with everyone else's and I would just have to do it in HIS timeframe because he wasn't going to pay his assistant to sit around and wait for my delivery. I was irritated by this statement, because all I did was ask him what his hours were, I didn't say "hey, you're going to deliver here at this time and that's final", I was trying to work WITH him. Anyways, he then said that Wednesdays and Fridays he could do it from 3-6 and that was easier. I figured, what the heck, I'll do it Wednesday to make his life easier, even though it was an inconvenience for both my husband and myself (I work at 4pm, hubby is usually sleeping at that time for 3rd shift work). Then the guy went off on a rude tangent about how I'd better be there then, otherwise he's NOT going to be happy with me. At this point I was pretty ticked off, but I was still decent to him, because, well, everyone has crappy days (even though that doesn't excuse a threatening tone to someone for no reason). Anyways, the more I thought about it, the less I liked the way he acted to me on the phone. I was going to call and reschedule for the original scheduling date (next Saturday), but this morning, around 9am, hubby comes into the bedroom, looks at me and says, "umm, our bed is here". I honestly thought that he was joking just to irritate me because of how upset I was over the phone call last night. No, the guy actually showed up. The assistant was at the door, and I explained to him the entire situation, then the guy that had been rude on the phone showed up at the bottom of the stairs with the frame, and the assistant yelled down to him that there was a scheduling mistake, it wasn't supposed to be delivered today. The guy looks up at me, and with a serious attitude says "I talked to you on the phone last night!" I cut him off and said that if he was the arsehole that I talked to on the phone last night, then he KNOWS that the bed was NOT supposed to be delivered today, I told the guy at the store that AND I told HIM that last night, and he rescheduled me for Wednesday. He started ranting on and on, so I told him to pack the crap up and leave, turned to the assistant, apologized to him because I knew it wasn't his fault and it just sucked that he had to go through something stupid like that. The assistant was incredibly nice about it, and understanding (maybe his boss is a total moron who does this all the time?!)

    Anyways, I explained it to my mother and my step-father, who are both VERY hard to irritate, and they both said to call and cancel the order or demand a new delivery guy, because it was bull how the guy treated me. However, other people (online) are telling me that I need to calm down and that furniture delivery sucks, and it's acceptable that the guy was an arse, because they get rude people that make them move furniture all the time...

    Really, is it unreasonable to expect to be treated with respect, not feel threatened, and expect that your delivery arrives on the day that it's supposed to, not on the day that you said NOT to bring it, TWICE, after paying $65 to have it delivered on the day you want it delivered?
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    Jan 14, 2009
    It's not unreasonable at all! No matter what their profesion is.
  3. debilorrah

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    WOW! Can you get a refund? Can you find the bed you want at another store? If so, I would do just that and make SURE the owen/manager of the original store knows why you are taking your business elsewhere.
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    I can't believe you were THAT nice. I would have canceled the whole thing and taken my business elsewhere.

    I can't stand it when you, the customer, get treated like it is an inconvenience that you are shopping and spending your hard earned money at their store!

    There is no customer service anymore!!
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    Jan 7, 2009
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    Thanks guys. I'm being told basically that I'm overreacting and that I'm only making myself miserable because I could have had them bring it in and been done with it. Problem being that it would have had to sit on our porch while we got our room ready, and then we would have had to hurry up and get the old one out and hurry up and set the other one up ourselves. Sorry, but, when you pay for a service, that's the service you expect, and after being sick for awhile now and not even feeling like rolling out of bed, I really don't feel like dragging a bed in and being miserable simply to get it done. I was already expecting to wait until next Saturday, and I can get help from my family to get a new one in the same time frame, WITHOUT being miserable and WITHOUT having some rude, threatening man in my home. I'm usually not quite so bull-headed, but, come on, I feel like crap, I'm not going to give you a short-cut because you were rude and threatening to me, and make myself even more miserable. I guess other people have other principals, but I refuse to be treated like crap and get less than what I paid for.
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    if he was offended by your reply, his ears would have disintegrated from mine. [​IMG] [​IMG] maybe even vaporized right off his head.
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    I dont think your over reacting at all! if i heard some guy tolking to My wife that way and doing that to her, i would have put my boo tin his ars right there in the stair way! What ever happened to common curtosey, much less professionlism!
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    Jan 7, 2009
    Central Pennsyltucky
    Lol. Hubby kept his mouth quiet and let me handle it. He knows that if I get p*ssed, it's better to let me handle it, because if someone else is talking, it only p*sses me off even more. What irritates me is, yes, the bed was here, but, being 8 months pregnant and sick, stiff and sore, why should I have to do their job that I'm paying them for, simply because this guy couldn't handle sticking to schedules? Yes, I'm miserable on my old bed, but, I'd be even MORE miserable if I had to help hubby drag the other one in and set it up, I can hardly do more than sit on my butt and sip at warm liquids. I paid the extra money because I didn't WANT to set the stupid thing up, and I was willing to wait an extra week and pay the extra money for that service, why should I have to compromise as a paying customer? Seriously, to be honest, if they had left the bed, it probably would have sat for another few days, because I just don't feel good, and shouldn't even be lifting heavy stuff (and yes, I consider a full size bed to be heavy, being 8 months pregnant). But, yes, I'm cancelling and I'm just going to either find another company that delivers, or, I'll get family to help me out.
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    Jun 27, 2008
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    Oh boy sure glad it was not me he was talking too. How dare he speak to you or anyone else for that matter so disrespectfully. I would also follow it up with a strong letter of complaint to the store Manager, in these times they should be grateful that people still want to purchase anything!

    arghhhhhhhh !!!! am so made just reading the thread!!
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    Feb 15, 2009
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    please edit your post with paragraphs

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