Overtly Social Pullet to less socialized Flock


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Jul 5, 2021
I have a leghorn pullet I’ve been isolating for about 2 months since I got her as about a month old chicken from my neighbor. I have her in a separate enclosure, but I interact with her constantly so she’s a VERY VERY social bird ( think like a dog) . I have an exciting flock of 12 other hens, some bantams and 3 normal size. I would like to introduce her to my other girls, but I’m sort of afraid she will be bullied since she’s been coddled so much. I can’t keep her indoors as I have a pre existing dog and cat. Suggestions???


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Mrs. K

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Just recently, I have kept two different birds in a solitary situation for several weeks, until I could get things worked out. Truthfully, they did just fine entering and being part of a flock.

I would add a single bird to her, about her size. They will dust up, but one on one, should not be too bad. Wait a couple of days, and add 2 more to the pair.

Then let the remaining 8 out of the coop/run, and put the four in the coop/run, wait till almost dark when you let the 8 in, and I would not expect too much trouble.


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