Paint X Partridge Silkies... what colour are these chicks!?


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Apr 9, 2019
Alberta, Canada
Beautiful babies!! How are they looking now?
Thank you 😊 Elvira turned out gorgeous! I’m still 99.9% certain she is a pullet, but so far I have 15 roosters from 20 chicks so knowing my luck she would make a quick turn around and surprise me by being a roo 🤦🏻‍♀️.

The chick that was the same colour as Elvira at hatch is a Silkied version of the same colour (silver partridge I believe?), hoping that one is a pullet too. And the porcelain one looks like it may be a pullet also, but it’s still early. Sadly neither of them are feathering in as well as Elvira has, so I don’t have any recent pictures of them lol.

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