6 Years
Mar 26, 2013
Hardinsburg, Ky
I ordered some supposed female day old chicks from Meyer, 2 of which are my first Buff Orphingtons. Supposed same day hatch, but one has very quickly outgrown the other. Aphrodite is almost twice the size of Artemus, and has almost completely feathered out, as where Artemus is still in that "ugly" stage. I'm wondering if I may have a pair. They will be 4 weeks old Monday, so too young to sex, but was wondering if it is likely due to these facts?

Not the best pics, but hard to get them to be still together. Lol
Your chicks are still too young to sex. Chicks are individuals and some feather out sooner than others. Especially with hatchery chicks, you can get some that are larger or smaller, too--hatcheries often cross in Buff Rock into their Buff Orpingtons in order to increase egg production.

I don't see anything about either chick that screams "cockerel" to me. I would wait until they are 8-10 weeks old and then post again. Orps are notoriously slow growers.
Just to drive you crazy--it's often the slow feathering ones that are male.

But as I said upthread, I don't see any obvious signs of maleness in either chick.
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