Pale legs in Americauna


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Nov 7, 2018
I brought a 2.5 month old buff Americauna home today from a local breeder. The breeder acknowledged that the pullet’s very pale blue-ish legs don’t meet the breed standard calling for dark slate legs but said that this fault won’t affect her eggs being blue. She said that my pullet’s breeding should produce 100% blue egg layers, including my hen. Does this sound reasonable to you or would you be worried that pale blue legs on an Americauna would make her less likely to reliably lay blue eggs?
:welcome If she is an Ameraucana not an Americauna (really an Easter Egger) her eggs should be blue. Good luck.
The standard doesnt say it has to be dark slate, light slate is fine but a lot of breeders prefer darker legs.

Egg color isnt affected by leg color in any way. The pea comb is more correlated to the blue egg gene.

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