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DuckDude II

Dec 15, 2020
Hello, everyone! I am in the process of getting ducks, and also of building a duck coop. I am looking for plans/ideas/blueprints for the coop. While searching the web for ideas, I came across the pallet coop idea. I thought this was great! While being sturdy, and easy to find, they are also quite in-expensive. I would partially free-range, so it would not need to be to big. I am planning on getting between 6 and 10 ducks. Also if you all would like to post your favorite duck breeds and why, it would be very much appreciated! In the past I have had Pekins and white layers. I have loved them both, but want a little more variety. My all time favorite is probably the Welsh Harlequin. Any comments would be appreciated!

Thanks so much,

DuckDude II
I like having two parts in my coop. One, a warm house for winter snuggling and for laying clean eggs in the pine shavings. The second, a covered area with lots of ventilation or screened sides for water, food, and keeping cool in the summer. I know many people do not give food and water at night but I don’t get home from work in time for a meal before bedtime.

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