parakeet laid more eggs while incubating.


Jan 19, 2016
Hi there! Although I have used BYC several times in the past I never joined because most every question I have had was asked and already answered except this one. Hoping I'm posting in the right spot.
I have a parakeet who hatched her first clutch about a week ago. I had been candling the eggs and only two seemed to be growing. Those two have hatched and are doing great. I left the other eggs in the nest because I was told as long as they were not dead in the egg it wouldn't harm the live eggs and would actually help keep the babies warm.
My delima.. Today before tossing the "infertile" eggs I decided to candle them one last time to be sure. The eggs for whatever reason actually started to devlope and are doing great.
Question. Will the mom parakeet still feed the late babies even though her current babies are already almost a week old? I have No clue how much longer these late babies need to incubate as I stopped candling them early on.
Hopefully you guys can help.


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In my experience parakeets start incubating after the first egg is laid, but continue to add to the clutch. This results in a staggered hatch, but is normal for parakeets. Sometimes the later hatchlings may not do well, but usually they do fine. What you are dealing with is completely normal.


Oct 3, 2013
Sourland is correct. Clutchmates can hatch anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks apart depending on the size of the clutch. Budgies and other parrot/parakeets do not lay everyday the way a hen does. They lay every other to every 3 days. I would leave the eggs and allow her to hatch them. If she is not capable of feeding all the babies, as a responsible owner you will have to step in and take the weaker babies and handfeed them or give them up to a reputable breeder/experienced handfeeder. Handfeeding is not always a good idea for inexperienced people so I would advice finding a breeder or petshop(that specializes in birds) and ask if they can teach you how to correctly handfeed and wean a baby budgie if you do not already know how.

Good Luck!

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