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Aug 1, 2020
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Adding to the DE debate:
While I am a new chicken owner, I am not new to using DE. I sprinkle it on my horse’s poo to kill the flies. I can’t say it’s totally effective at that, but it does keep the fly numbers down. So that is a success. As for worming, I give it to my chicken to keep the worm load DOWN. Not eradicate. Apple cider vinegar also lowers the ph of the gut and makes it not a nice place to be for the worms, but it doesn’t kill the worms. I believe DE is a good parasite manager. A normal wormer is good for purging the worms out but DE is good for managing it, but regular wormer can still be used if they start pooping out worms.
Also, on another note, my chicken got flystrike at one point. Once the maggots were picked off I put most of them in a bleach/apple cider vinegar mix, which didn’t kill them very fast. I put a few in DE, which actually did kill them.
Regarding the fire ants, they have a scaly armor, called the exoskeletons. Therefore the DE wouldn’t work as well on them, because the principal of DE is that it cuts parasites. So, make your own decision, but that’s my opinion.


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Nov 27, 2012
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What I saw before was worms, wiggling around in one of my birds poop. Since I started treatment I haven't seen any.
I see the occasional round worm in a poop, didn't treat for them, was months before I saw another.

Once the maggots were picked off I put most of them in a bleach/apple cider vinegar mix, which didn’t kill them very fast. I put a few in DE, which actually did kill them.
I had a pile of maggots on top of a poop bucket, covered them in DE, barely slowed them down.


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I did the ant test that @dawg53 had suggested in an earlier post. I put DE on the pile and came back the next day and there were still ants. I put some permethrin dust on the ant pile and the next day no ants. They either moved or died.


Oct 22, 2020
Thatsnot to say you will possibly still need to vaccinate. Im just saying there ARE CLEAR BENEFITS
Believe what you want. Again as @dawg53 and @aart said, " People look for natural ways to treat chickens and they believe the hype and salesman when it comes to DE. Fake News. Been there, done that with DE long long ago. It doesnt prevent nor treat worms.", "DE doesn't kill parasites, inside or out.".

It didn't work for me either. When I have had worms I use Wazine but now it's way too expensive. I bought a jug of it and it works but there is a 2 week egg withdrawal period.
This wasnt hype...this was a University study with no skin in the game one way or the other. Are you sayng the school is wrong...thats a bit presumptuous! I dont think my comments were pro or against vaccines.....I simply said according to the results of the study there were still reasons to use DE that were positive for anyones flock! Did you read thr study results?


Oct 22, 2020
Ants are not parasites...the purpose of DE is to lower the parasitic load in your chickens gut so that it doesnt become a problem. It is a precaution to take .....not medication! It is not a treatment to get rid of anything that Im aware of...but it does help keep your birds generally healthy....and your feed from clumping. The results of the study show other clear benefits as well.....none of which say GETS RID OF WORMS.

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