Parlor Tumbler/Roller Thread!

Here's my new pair of parlor tumblers!



I'll have to take a picture tomorrow but I apprentice with a guy that breeds and competes with Birmingham roller pigeons. But I we have around 20 parlor rollers too! They're so fun to take out to shows, people just love them! Where are you getting your birds?
I have a pair of Birmingham rollers too! I had more but I traded 9 Birmingham rollers of them plus 3 West of Englands for the Parlor Tumblers.
I got them from a guy that just buys and sells pigeons all the time. He buys any extra pigeons and then sells them to other pigeon people.
They were the only pair he had so I'm guessing that he did not breed them.

I don't have a good picture of the Birminghams but these are the kit coops, there's 20-22 in two of them and the bigger one is for babies that are training . I believe we have about 200 of them! Do you fly your birds?
Not really. I let them out, but never really trained them. They walk around on the ground and fly sometimes, but I never was taught how to train them and with young Birminghams it'd take like 5 hours to get them back in. I had 18 pigeons total and then I got rid of 12 so now I have 1 pair of Birmingham rollers, 2 pairs of West of Englands and 1 pair of Parlor Tumblers. I picked Parlor Tumblers because they can't fly so it won't take so long to catch them!
I kept a pair of Birminghams that were easy to get back in. The West of Englands are pretty easy too.
These are all the pigeons I have.
My Birmingham pair.

West of England pair.

Another West of England pair.

Nice birds all. i have parlor rollers and tumblers as well, and they're great, though sadly i don't let them out yet in a pen on ground anymore as they get parasites like crazy, they are best droppers to use to get your birms etc to come down/in to coop etc. training pigeons just simple as cutting feed to fourth cup per bird per day (half that for ol skool birms), feedin in evening half hour at most before dark, and make a certain sound whenever feed. then after week of this the pigeons will come in to your call or before dark, whichever first. then rest of training easy as a sound when release to fly, a sound when chase them up and around to keep up as long as can, etc..

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