Partridge Silkie hen x Rosecomb Roo= ???? What is your weirdest cross?


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Feb 2, 2010
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My Partridge Silkie (wilhelmina) has begun laying regularly- that I expected-- what I didn't expect is that our rosecomb rooster Ferdinand would be the eggy-daddy.

I have been collecting her eggs and softly lamenting the fact that the eggs I checked from her a week ago were unfertilized.
She is such sweet and adorably fluffly butt.
But the idea that our roo would actually well-- pull it off so to speak was silly I thought.
He is half her size-- maybe if that..

So imagine my surprise today when I cracked into her eggs to make a spinach
omlet and saw that each and every one had a bullseye bright as day. The egg practically screamed "IM FERTILE"
the minute I looked at it.

So now- hypothetically I wonder what it would look like and even more wondered about all the crazy crosses out there. I'd love to see everyone crazy cross breeds.

Here is a pic of my Winnie and Ferdinand.

and Ferdinand


Love my Critters!

11 Years
Apr 15, 2008
Carlsbad, NM
I don't have a picture right now, but Mom is EE and Dad is a Gold Silkie. Poor baby has feathers of an EE, with long green legs that have large tuffs of feathers sticking out of them. She has a few feathers that stick up from the top of her head. She also has the extra toe. She is only about 12 weeks old now, I'm anxious to see what she looks like when she is grown.

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