Peafowl egg fertility help Needed

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by iky114p, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. iky114p

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    May 23, 2016
    Needed some advice what i was doing due to limited space was letting out 5 or 6 females with one day the alpha male and second day the other 4 males because only the alpha male fights non of the others fight at all so i was able to let the 4 males out together but im getting fertlity rate of about 40% i was now planning on only letting out 1 male with 3 hens does that sound ok? Also should i alternate the females on a daily basis meaning i have tagged them with 3 green tags 3 yellow tags and 2 red tags was thinking one day yellow tags one day green and one day red tags so ratio would be 1/3 1/3 then 1/2 should i alternate the females on a daily basis and should i alternate the male daily or leave the same male for 2 maybe 3 days i have 4 ove 4 year old males any thoughts would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    May 23, 2016
    What seems to be happening is the peahens want to mate with the Alpha male but aren't mating as often due to being penned. Peahens choose the male they want to mate with and won't mate with other less dominant males. Even if they are penned they will "rubber neck" and refuse to mate with the male they don't like.
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    One day ... it's too short !
    It's true what Midnightman14 say. But at the beginning of the breeding season not so much ... later it's sure!
    ALL the peahen love peacocks with IB Blue color eyes! For them the others peacocks .... are usurpers!
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    May 23, 2016
    Hi had 5 eggs in the hatcher 1 of the eggs pipped right underneath which i could not see when the hatched chicks were kicking the eggs about i noticed 1 egg would not mhatcherve or turn over so i opened the hatcher and noticed where it had pipped it had leaked out some liquid onto the egg at the bottom and where the pip point was the egg was stuck to the rubber mat i have in there when i pulled the stuck egg it revealed the pip point but the chick had shrink wrapped and died upon further inspection by opening the egg the membrane had wrapped around the fully developed chick and was quite dry how could the chick have shrink wrapped when i had the humidity on a constant 75% could it have been where the pip was at the bottom and stuck to the mat he couldnt breath and died but why would this shrink wrap was very upset as killed a fully developed peachick due to my own mistake should have marked the pip point and placed that at the top
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    I agree.

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