Peafowl pictures 5-28-11 (a few good close ups)


9 Years
Sep 16, 2010
Pensacola, FL
Here is Alto trying to display to Damsel, the last peahen to walk by.

All the peahens left when Alto started displaying. Here he is looking at them on the other side of the pen. That fence is inside the pen and was already there when we built the pen. The peafowl can duck under it.

Alto likes to walk up and stare at the camera all the time he is so cute!

Damsel after just ducking under the fence, they have a little trail they have beat out from ducking under the fence so much.

Damsel walked over to some oak leaves and started scratching through them looking for bugs.

Alto and Pip, they are almost always together.

Pip got up pretty close looking at the camera too, in this picture she is panting, all the peafowl were panting a bit since it is pretty hot out today and they were getting into the big water pan to cool of.

A close up of Pip's feathers:

A close up of Alto's face:

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