Peahen breathing issues


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Oct 30, 2014
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Hi there,

We have our peahen Peanelopea who has been having breathing issues. We have seen a vet with her who suggested it could be gapeworm and/or treating for Mycoplasma (despite not having standard symptoms of Myco), vet also said she was underweight and a bit run down. Treatments being Flubenvet for worms and Tylan diluted into water. Vet did do swab tests but due to covid there has been delays in the results so still waiting on them.
Initially we kept her in as worried about her but this made her stop eating and drinking as I guess she was lonely so I'm not sure initially how much meds she took in. I'm now retreating the entire flock for worms (they live with chickens) and separating her for periods of the day to make sure she drinks the Tylan. All other chickens and peacock are healthy.

Symptoms are gaping and sounding like mucus in the throat. It seems to get worse at night and better during the day which I do not understand . She has improved a little bit to the point where she seems normal in the daytime but with sporadic coughing.

This video shows her at her worse point - generally after panic/exertion

If I take her back to the vets they are likely going to want to do an x-ray, but I'm fretting about whether the amount of stress will be too much for her. Any peafowl owners had to do this?

Any suggestions of things I can do to help her or thoughts on what else it could be I would most appreciate!


Aug 20, 2011
That's it ....
Peacocks hate 'doctors' ... the people who handle them in general ...
The shorter the intervention ... the better!
Tylan is the one who needs ... a single intervention!
Conclusion ... the peacock is healed ... he is not afraid of you ... BINGO!


Sep 29, 2013
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It does not seem to be gape worms, they are rare in the first place and when the vet did the swab he would have seen them on the swab for mycoplasma. If it is mycoplasma then the Tylan 200 is the right choice but it will take more than a single dose. More likely it will take weeks of it in the water.


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Jun 24, 2012
If that were my bird I would treat with Baytril. If I saw no improvement in 48 hours I would switch to something else.

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