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    I've got two delawares roos and here within the last two days i think they are pecking at each others feet. They did it before when i had them in the brooder but now they are doing it bad. I went out this morning and ones foot was a little bloody. so i wiped it down with some antibactierial ointment and then rubbed gobbs of vaseline on there legs and some on there combs just bc they looked a little dry. Any othe advice? I think they are bored and just pecking each others feet. i do not see mites or any other bugs. scales are not raised or any other normallities. I may need to go get some tea tree oil to keep them from pecking??? Or since they are about 5 week sold should i just seperate them? any advice is appreciatied
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    Don't put tea tree oil on a chicken as it is toxic to them. I'd try BluKote.

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