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I have never used them or needed to so I cannot answer your basic question. May I ask why you are thinking of getting these? I've always considered them a last resort for a known problem, not something that you do as a matter of course. Just curious.
I got them at and they work fine. Looks like the Burkey's site are the same thing, so they'd be OK, too.

I'm with Ridgerunner, though -- unless you have a problem, there's no reason to use them. My adults were pickers, and they're wearing them, but my young pullets aren't and still have bare beaks
My reason for getting them is because I recently just got in the market to breed Genetic hackle chickens for fly tying. Roosters will all be kept in the same pen and the hens will also be in their own seperate pen. I need the feathers to remain unharmed adn the capes and saddles to perfect shape and form and teh Man I got these birds from reccomends keeping them this way because it is an easy way to keep multipule types of roosters together and in breeding season put them with the selected hens and cull the birds that I dont want. This still leaving the capes and saddles in perfect condition and that is what I am looking for. Plus there will be around 25 to 30 roosters in the same pen. So I am sure there will be pecking and feather pulling. This is the only reason.
I got mine from - cheapest by FAR! I put them on the hens that liked pulling tail feathers and they have worked great. (I have the pinless peepers - easy to put on. Just put them in warm water to soften them up, and they bend easier). Good luck!

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