Pekin Duckling with a major problem


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May 22, 2018
Hello! So i’ve been incubating my pekin duck eggs and 4 recently hatched but one baby stood out from all of the rest, he was born with a severe case of Wry Neck.
Here is a video of him before I started treating:
I started treating by making a special formula with Filtered water, chick starter, oregano, a little cayenne pepper and brewers yeast. He successfully ate it and I also gave him the inside of 3 vitamin E pills (all at separate times) this is what he looked like after 5 hours of treatment:
As you can see that’s way better than what I started with! He stayed like that for a day and a half however. :(
Currently he is running in circles and he can’t get off his back:
I gave him a vitamin E pill (the inside ofc) through a dropper to make sure he gets the supplement but it doesn’t seem to be working. He also is not eating his formula or his dry chick starter even if i hold him while he can do the do. To add on I don’t think he’s drinking either, What do I do? :(
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