Pekin hatched with an unabsorbed yolk sac


In the Brooder
May 7, 2015
Rhode Island
Hi all!
I would appreciate any advice on this situation...

Our Pekin duck hatched her first group of ducklings today! I had a close eye on her and her babies all day, but I started to notice that one of the ducklings was being left behind by her. I picked him up and noticed that he had a small amount of yolk sac still not absorbed. I took him inside, gently cleaned the blood with warm water and wrapped him in a towel. We set up a brooder in the house with a heat lamp to keep him warm. We have been holding him and checking on him constantly. It seems to be getting worse, not better. There is more bleeding and more of the inside coming out. Is this not yolk sac?? What can I do to help this little guy?

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