Pekin Hen Walking on Tippy-Toes?!?!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by poultrypalooza, Nov 11, 2015.

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    Jul 7, 2014
    I have a Pekin Hen, she is approximately 4 years old. A couple of months ago I noticed that she was spending a lot of time in the nest box. I didn't really think too much about it at the time. A few weeks ago I noticed that she had started limping. I checked her out to look for any injury but did not see anything obviously wrong. I thought maybe the drakes had been too rough and she sprained her leg or something, so I put her in a separate pen so that she could get a rest from the drakes and hopefully heal. She has not improved, in fact, she has gotten worse. She is no longer "limping", she can barely walk. When she does walk it seems like she is walking on tippy-toes with her neck stretched up tall. She also sticks her wings out to balance herself. She is still eating and drinking fine, and her poop is normal. She is not currently laying eggs, probably because she's sick. I have looked and looked online and in duck books to try and figure out what on earth is wrong with her. The only thing that I found that it could possibly be is arthritis. It seems to me that whatever is wrong with her, she must be experiencing pain. I read in several different sources that you can give poultry 4 baby aspirin dissolved in a gallon of water as their sole source of water and that will help with arthritis pain. I started her on the aspirin water about a week ago. Sometimes I think it is helping because she walks more normally but then sometimes I don't think it's helping much because of her strange behavior. Can ANYONE tell me what is wrong with my duck? Has anyone EVER witnessed a duck act in this manner?
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    Pics pls, could have been a deficiency, my brother has a call duck female that does that on one of her feet, and one of my Muscovy males has that to when he was younger but he's gotten better and doesn't really have it anymore
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    @poultrypalooza Is she a jumbo Pekin or over weight at all? Ducks legs are fragile saying that she could have some arthritis in there.. I have an old drake he will be 12 next spring and he has trouble walking he doesn't walk on his tip toes But it's a struggle for him to walk so one day I was on the goose thread[I have geese too] and a member was talking about her 18yr old goose and having problems walking her vet suggested trying Glucosamine so I looked up on my favorite site to order my vits and found this in the pet dept. ARTHROPOWER for pets it has Glucosamine/Chondroitin/ MSM in it so I break one in half wrap it in a small piece of bread smooch it in my hand so it sticks to the tablet real good and give it to Ernie daily . He never knows there is a pill in there. It has really helped him. Maybe you should try it with your Pekin. There are a few other members that are now giving it to their ducks also. Vita Cost is where I found this but you can probably buy it other places too.If she does have arthritis keep in mind weather plays a part in how well she may do day to day cold really bothers me [I have arthritis]and maybe keep her out of cold water on those days you notice her the worst . I'd limit her activity too until you notice an improvement in her. Warm water therapy will probably be her best exercise right now. Please detail what her diet is too.
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