Pellets or Crumbles?


10 Years
May 3, 2010
Southern NH
Which do you use and how old are your chickens? My big ones are 6 months and I bought them pellets, they made a HUGE mess!!!! So i finished that bag off and bought them crumbles. Now we have 2 feeders of crumbles and one of pellets, they wont touch the pellets...and they still make a mess with the crumbles... Im wondering if it is the feeder i am using, made it myself.

these are the feeders i am using, right after the coop was finished.


Your linoleum looks like mine before I put down the DE and pine shavings each week.

Once they hit about 16-17 weeks I start to transition them from grower to layer. I feed Mana Pro Egg Maker pellets. Less waste, more eggs.
We went from mash to crumbles. And all I can say is there is so much less waste. So don't go the mash route.
i used pellets less waste full i used 1 rain cutter cut in half and i have less waste full. last month we end with crumbs and it was all over the floor. i sweep the floor once a week and it went out to the garden.
Yes, my pheasants and mallards used to get crumbles and talk about a mess! I use either Agway or Blue Seal Layer pellets and they still make a mess, but will eat pellets off the ground when they get hungry enough. If it rains, game over. I don't feed in the coop except for winter. Too tempting for rats and mice.
Mine are 26 weeks. When I first switched them to layer feed I started with crumbles. I recently switched to pellets and they did not even hesitate to dive in. They don't make a mess at all and I find that the pellets are much less dusty.

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