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    Apr 17, 2012
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    This made me think of several people here.
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    Wanted to share that I am getting out of Mille Fleur bantam Cochins. I have 18 project birds - 1 roo, 2 cockerels and the rest are girls (3 months to 2yrs old). $150 for all 18. I also have a chocolate MFC pullet - she's half 'bantam' chocolate Orp. $20 for her.
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    [​IMG] I wonder who writes those things... I would like to meet them!
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    Jan 7, 2009
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    Holy mother of pearl. I hope nobody EVER dislocates something again! It sounds so very simple to pop a joint back into place, right? WRONG! I ended up taping her leg with duct tape and twisting the end and typing it to the door, so my hands could be used on each bone endand move them into place while I used my foot to slowly pull her leg. Once in place, I used two ace bandages to wrap that sucker up and hopefully keep it in place. Used the last length of the second one to bring the lower leg up to her body, in a natural sitting position, so it wouldn't splay back out. This is a completely immobile version. I'm going to go through my books on healing time for tendons that are stretched. She's still in very deep water. When I sprained my ankle, it took nine months, pysical therapy and finally a massage to get it back to being pain free and normal. Since they are already prone to these problems, I'm not sure if she'll recover, and doubtful she'll be fully recovered, ever. I'll see how she does. I gave her the best chance I could, better than most would ever try, but it still might end in either butcher or a disabled bird for life, with a wheel chair. Not joking either, if she's not i n pain, but can't walk, I might make a mobile unit for her. We'll see what happens and if she recovers, and if I end up having to just put her out of misery for good. :(
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    Jan 7, 2009
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    Yes, you have to know their anatomy, then you have to dig around in there to feel where it feels "loose". When you find that, dig in and if you feel anything sharp, it's broken. Dislocation, you feel a rounded bone end that feels kind of slippery. Very hard to describe! It is NOT going to feel good on them, it hurts.But, your average bird is an excellent healer. My adult duck had a MANGLED leg, broken in several places. Within one month, you could not tell her from the other hens. If that had been a person, it would've taken much longer, and that's with professional care and surgery.
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    wow, I am seriously hoping for the best for the both of you. You are very dedicated to this animal...I do not think most would go through this whole ordeal, and the lengths you are taking. Good luck to you and your bird. [​IMG]
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    Hi everyone! I am from Allegheny county PA....we are currently looking for places that sell hatching eggs, possibly maybe some place that we could pick them up so we don' t have to have them shipped. we are not having any luck with shipped eggs in the bator so we want to try it differently this time. does anybody on here know of anywhere or maybe are even selling themselves?????
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    I love my turkeys! Lol. That, and I think it's odd that people spend thousands of dollars on cats and dogs, but think birds are worthless. When's the last time your dog woke up and made you breakfast?! Poultry are very under appreciated and underrated! Oh, add to that, I'm extremely stubborn. I don't like giving up, and feel like I can't when I get started on a bird. I guess, most importantly, I'm just plum crazy enough to try it!
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    LOL.... I click on the 'multi quote' button on any post I want to reply to as I'm going through my missed pages, when you get to the last page and post you want, then click on 'quote' for the last post and it will bring up your reply box with each message in it... it's the only way I can even begin to keep up with what is going on.
    OK! Glad to know I wasn't going crazy! But I did like the first one also! [​IMG]
    Betta, glad you have managed to get the problem tracked down, and hopefully on the mend. It won't be easy keeping her off of it for healing, but at least you are giving her a good chance that she never would have had otherwise!
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    Hello & welcome![​IMG]..lots of folks on here w/ eggs...they are always hatching something!![​IMG]

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