Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

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    I think I have an eggbound D'Uccle. She molted and stopped laying 2 months ago. 2 days ago I saw she had a yucky butt, so I brought her in to give her a butt bath. I have never done this before. The area between her legs was wide huge and HARD. I'm pretty positive it was a big egg, or 2? I did the warm bath and massage, and all it did was make her bleed from the vent. I put her back in her pen, and she is acting normal, eating etc. But still no egg. Opinions?
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    I'd be happy to take those two buffs. PM price. It might be three weekend or the weekend after until I can pick them up, though. We can always meet somewhere for bio reasons, if you prefer. sure we could find somewhere
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    Mar 3, 2013
    Eastern PA
    That is what I just got back from doing. Fingers crossed.
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    I'm in snow shoe also. :)
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    Mar 8, 2013
    Snow Shoe, Pa

    Wow! Small world around here!
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    Oct 25, 2012
    Horsham, Pa
    OMG.. WHAT IS THIS!!! Saving this!!!
    Ha! This is too Funny!!!

    Also may have found my Roos a home! Thanks Stake!! I think I have 3 all together.. Freaking Roosters! Down to 3 girls.. + the 4 new chicks, Hopefully all girls, that's what they said at Pickering Valley anyway... Then 4 more coming in the next 2 weeks. I would be interested in 2 laying birds I Saw Wing you have some, but you are kinda far... I believe I will be in Morgantown this weekend picking up some chicks, not sure if you are up for meeting etc? I guess I could send you a PM?
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    Dec 6, 2011
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    Welcome all.

    Off to the beach for shell hunting roday. You know you are addicted to chickens when you look at all the shell fragments and say "ooh this would be perfect for the chickens."
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    Apr 21, 2012
    mount joy, pennsylvania
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    SE Pennsylvania
    Oh yes, I have 11 chicks that hatched out [​IMG] Everyone is healthy and happy, will definitely update you on their progress. They're very curious, sweet birds and they love to climb all over and sleep on your hands. Can't wait til they get big! The shows are going to be fun! You're a little bit of a Hike from us, so let me know exactly what you're interested in. If you just want laying birds, I might have culls from this year. If you want breeding stock, I'll probably have started birds summer 2014. I'll *hopefully* be traveling for shows and fairs so I might be able to bring birds along if you need to pick up anything. Thanks!
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    oh No!!!!

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