Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

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    Mar 19, 2013
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    Back at ya!

    Is it hip or sciatic?

    [​IMG] gardening mama, sometimes you just have to make your own family!!! I know what you other chicken loving Italians in my branch either. I'm sorry it didn't go well, and I hope today is better. Hugs to you!

    [​IMG]Might I add...........AMEN!!!

    LOL! Well, I am getting up there. I'm gonna be 40 next year!! *GASP* [​IMG] . Fruit pies in the spring and summer, I'll give a shout. Usually after I make jam. Italian women don't have to be asked twice to feed are lucky to get out of the house without gaining pounds!!

    Seriously, I think this settles it. Next year, We need to have a gathering with lots of Easter Pies and sweet bread, celebrate Gardeningmama's birthday and her sons, and GrandpawRoo is in charge of telling us how to make the drinks!!!! [​IMG] It seems like it all just makes sense to me!!! Anyone else?
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    Haven't been on for days! Welcome to all the new people!
    I only got one Turkey out if my hatch, so back to eBay!
    bobwhite out of my ears!
    A dozen chickens hatched. Got rid of four on day one.
    I had eggs hatch over three days, OK, four, there is a late addition zipping now. And need to check the broody. Darn math, I was always good at it in school.

    Wingstone - certo and grape juice for arthritis. Google it. Daily as a supplement. Also try castor oil as a topical. Rub it in to lube the joint. No, seriously. Not sure why it helps, but some say it does.
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    I can totally relate. Remember, I disowned my mother on Christmas for ruining it for the boys. Now, apparently my sister AND my father are on her side. Go figure. So needless to say-its just us now. Which I am completely fine with. She is a toxic-negative woman, and I'm so happy to be done with that part of my life. Unfortunately she brow beats and threatens everyone into believing what she believes, and she buys your love. Not earns it. All she does is complain. It's terrible. *hugs*
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    Feb 6, 2012
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    I also have a juvenile pair of blue mottled Cochin bantams for sale.
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    Apr 21, 2012
    mount joy, pennsylvania
    NEEDED !!!

    Local beekeeper who is willing to sell honey,....preferably within an hours drive....and preferably wildflower honey, but will consider others if the price is right.

    i am all out of my stash,,,i prefer to use honey instead of sugar in many things...a local supply would be great as i am paying shipping for it right now...
    can not always be sure that the stuff in the store is what it says it is, and at those prices not worth the chance.
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    There is a honey producer around Manheim, I think. Go to the country store and check the labels, then contact direct.
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    Heather! I have been waiting for you to post mottleds for sale! I actually only need a pullet or two, though. My mottled boy still has no girls of his own. =(
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    Feb 8, 2012
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    Well you are pretty far from me, but I have a few LF Cochins that are around 3 mo old if you are interested. I am just outside of State College.
  10. chiques chicks

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    And Dutch gold sells direct at their plant in Roherstown. Lots of different kinds, case discounts, large quantities. Also sell jars and bottles at good process.

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