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  1. I know this is late..hope the sale went well for you.:fl
    :hugsOne minute at a time sometimes is helpfully necessary too.
    Oh man, paperwork...:th
    don't even get me started on GOVT. paperwork...:duc...
    I can only say make sure to make copies of everything!..i know this sounds ridicules, but if there ever was an entity that loses more items, it is "they", please, if they have you 'filling out' anything..copy it.
    If you send them anything..copy it.
    Just trying to be helpful, we have had a lot of experience with this entity..unfortunately, but sometimes you just have to do more now so that you can keep your sanity later.;)
    I hope the very best for & your family. Have the best 'Giving" day you can have.

    Oh, if it snows again..hahaha:cool:, G-daughter & I will make sure we build & share something fun together again! So glad you enjoyed the unicorn!! She loved it too.:love
    Glad you have your girl back!:highfive:
  2. Thank you! I hear ya on the copies, will pass it along to Mom to make sure she is saving them. Most stuff she is keeping in a folder so I can go through it with her. I hate the BS but at least it is giving her something she feels she can do and keep busy with.

    I work a 24 hr shift on Thanksgiving , so wont be having a holiday per se.... but will be having dinner at Moms on Sunday, it would have been their 30th anniversary, so we want to keep her busy that day. I will take the dogs over, having my 2 pups around usually keeps things interesting, lol
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    Sunday is a good day to celebrate anyway! It’s actually going to be “warm” that day.
    :rant Cold weather!

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