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  1. My daughter in North Bend said last nite they where expecting 6-8 inches, you guys in the mountains(north west/central) are getting hammered hard w/ this stuff!!
  2. *Mama- being in the location you are, do you do anything w/ the runs to help keep snow & rain out?..I know where we are going to be it can get pretty windy and blow the rain/snow everywhere, was wondering for myself, have seen people putting "plastic" around the runs or "hay-bales" as wind breaks..
  3. missydcpc

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    Dec 6, 2011
    South-Central PA
    It switched to sleet during the time I was waiting for fiancee..and now it sounds like it's switched to rain..which worries me it will likely freeze by morning. Plus rain means my coop will be flooded...AGAIN! GAH!
  4. mama2my4

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    Feb 8, 2012
    Julian, PA

    You know, I have wanted to but up until now we just haven't gotten to it. And believe me, I am worried about my chooks tonight! I think that is going to be on the "to-do" list this weekend!
  5. rodriguezpoultry

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Claremore, OK
    Whew! Had a rough time getting back home tonight. Don't know WHY they wanted us to come into work today. Ridiculous.

    Now you watch, they'll want us to come back in tomorrow morning! How hard should I laugh in their faces?
  6. missydcpc

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    Dec 6, 2011
    South-Central PA

    Glad you're home safe now
  7. Ray from PA

    Ray from PA Chirping

    Not aware of any " issue" with sand over the cement,,,, I used pavers in my Cochin pen, to avoid mud since they are heavily feather-footed. I would suggest putting perches in the run, my gals like resting on them especially since it got cold, they use them alot.

    Not sure if the pavers might be a tad too cold for their feet, didn't really consider how cold they might feel this time of the year when I installed them this summer
  8. BullChick

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    Apr 17, 2012
    Coffee shop
  9. Stupid question: can I feed dog food and milk bones to my chickens? I'd like to get rid of it since my dog's death the other month, hate to just throw it out. (option two is throw it out for wildlife)
  10. Thank you..I forgot about perches!!, writing it in "the notebook"...I wondered about temperature of the sand this time of year, but *cycle-chick has answered that I think... I guess we just have to try and find out what best works for our own "situations".could you still put alittle straw or something to that effect inside the coop to give them something to "hunker-down" into?.....I think I put 12.00 instead of 2.00,..oops.., walmart has "mother" for 3.00,okay,..still sounds good to me!! *motor-chick- did they tell you to put the tarp down for removing the sand later ?..I like the salt-water tank idea though..haha...I am thinking about keeping the fermenting buckets in the laundry room, it's off the kitchen and will stay "room-Temp.", for good-bubbles... also going to delve into the whole meal-worm thing too, but they will have to stay in the basement...hubby doesn't do well w/ bugs!![​IMG] least not so close to the kitchen..
    *Rodriguez- Glad you made it home safe!..yeah I think I would *cough..*cough, not make it in tomorrow either..crazy!!
    *Mama- So that would be an "affirmative" to the use of plastic "wrap"/ hay-bales...It looked like a good idea, especially in this type of weather..I really only have to worry about one side of the run, but was still thinking of leaving a space at the top and or bottom , not sure what I'm gonna end up with..

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