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11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Fuquay Varina, NC
...can I freeze this for later use?

I want to harvest my basil I have left, dry half and then make pesto and freeze it so I have it for my diet (great replacement for dips and sauces) all winter.
Sweet! I will have to goto the $1 store and get some ice trays to do some that way. I'll do larger amounts for nights I make pasta.
Thank you!
Oh you bet! I've frozen it in snack bags, tinfoil cups, whatever I had on hand. After that I use one of those seal machines with the seal bag. It keeps it longer. Some recommend to leave out the pine nuts or cheese until ready to use. I never have though. Good luck!
TOTALLY freezable!

I make the pesto (in my blender) then scoop it by tablespoonfuls onto a baking sheet and put that in the freezer.
When they are frozen solid I put them in a freezer bag.
I can take out as many as I need: 1 T = 1 serving
Make huge batches of pesto, then fill ice cube trays with it. Once they have setup you dump the pesto ice cubes into plastic storage bags. Repeat process until all your pesto is cubed. Terrific
Thank you guys! This is going to be a weekend project for sure. Hubby won't be here to see the mess I'll make.... so perfect! LOL
Freezing is a great idea! I use baby food jars, but the ice tray idea seems better.

Pesto in eggs over ham with provolone cheese

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