Pet Rocks


8 Years
Jul 22, 2011
Chicken Heaven

Isabelle, My Pet rock

Ok, They ARE Kinda Lame, But my mom wont let me get yet ANOTHER pet.
So im Stuck with Isabelle The Rock...

What do you think of pet rocks? Post a Pic of yours if you have one!
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Is Isabelle crying? Looks like a red tear.
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Pet rocks aren't lame, just misunderstood. :lol: I've given my sister a lot of them.

I think I even have a pet rock training manual somewhere... :caf
I have 3 sitting on top of the dresser. They guard the TV remote. When they get a little older, they're going to move outside and join the herd that free ranges around the flower bed.
I had a pet rock a while ago... now whenever I find a rock that interests me, I keep it in my pocket for a while.

Then I usually lose it...
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this new site could really use an old woman icon....but close enough. I had two pet rocks when they were the new fad in the 80's I think it was. They came in a box with care instructions.
Pet rocks are great! I have been bringing home "pretty rocks" since I was a kid. As I grew the rocks I brought home got bigger. When I sold my last house it was written in the sales contract that all rocks went with me. My husband was pretty unhappy with me about that. The collection filled a full size pickup bed.
So, yeah I am definetly a little rock weird.

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