Petey, you the man!


designated lawn flamingo
9 Years
May 27, 2010
Reno, Nevada
A couple of weeks ago I was lounging in the yard watching Petey. (because Petey watching is extremely entertaining!)

So Petey walks up to Lucy, my new hampshire hen, and does the wing dance at her. She briefly stares at him before turning around and literally running away, leaving Petey talking to himself and wing dancing a log.

She's a good girl, that Lucy

Fast forward to this weekend-
I'm lounging on the back deck Petey watching.
Lo and behold, he jumps on my EE hen, does his business, and then literally without even touching the ground hops off the EE and onto Lucy! Ahh Petey, eww!

So my eggs ARE fertile. Coming soon- Petey/EE/ newhampshire thing hatching eggs! No shoving no pushing!
There will be plenty to go around!
Naked necks sure are different.
I know I would never go and pick one up on purpose...but I'm sure if I got one by accident I would love it just the same as everyone else.
After Petey's ordeal, I've grown to love him and he's not even mine! xD

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