Pics of butchered corn x with very weird skin! Safe to eat?

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  1. Butchered this corn x yesterday, as I was plucking I noticed its very strange skin! It looks like different colored patches but it was actually more like it was patches of super thin skin that I could see through. And visible thin veins. I skinned it and the meat seems fine but I'd like to know if its safe to eat or not. I've never seen anything like this and neither had my grandparents who raised 50 birds and butchered them yearly for 40 years of their lives... I couldnt find anything on a google search either. But who knows maybe it's a common thing with corn x? Its our first year having them, I've butchered about 25 of them so far, two had fluid around their hearts, nothing else strange though.

    So I mainly want to know if any one knows if there's any disease that makes this appearance? Every other aspect of the bird inside and out was perfectly normal. I even cut open the heart and stomach , lungs, and everything to examine closely. Nothing strange in the gizzard, no fluids anywhere, nothing enlarged, bird acted perfectly healthy...
    Then when i was done processing I immediately forgot and fed all the edible inside to my dogs like normal, but they seem ok...

    20181120_052918.jpg 20181120_052921.jpg 20181120_052928.jpg 20181120_052931.jpg 20181120_052937.jpg 20181120_052944.jpg 20181120_052948.jpg 20181120_053021.jpg
    Even on the legs! This leg was fully peeled of skin already.
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  2. rod5591

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    wow never seen that before! Have no idea what it might be. A genetic variation?
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  3. DK newbie

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    Apr 20, 2015
    I'm thinking some kind os skin disease? Like psoriasis, just obviously something else. The skin seems dry in those areas, like it lacks fat tissue or something. Guess that would explain the different color too.
    I can't imagine it would be a problem to eat the meat, though I'd probably avoid eating the skin - both because texture and taste might be off, and because the change in the skin might have made it more susceptible to infections. It doesn't look infected, but who knows.
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  4. Maeschak

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    Ive never seen that... could it possibly be that the bird did not bleed well (visible veins under skin) and then was scalded way too hot? Other than that my only guess would be some sort of skin disorder as another poster stated. I would definitely eat it, though, without a doubt.
  5. I too thought about the blood, but it bled out normal and when i chopped it up it seemed normal too as far as not seeing any veins full of blood or pockets of blood in the organs, etc. Scalded it at 145 for the same amount of time as the others i did the same day...
    I think you are all right about some kind of skin thing. Really interesting anyway! Im planning to eat it since the meat looks fine and normal.
  6. MissChick@dee

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    Some humans have skin pigmentation differences.
    Kinda cool looking.
  7. mixedbreeds

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    Almost looks like it was scalded to hot or to long but it’s hard to tell looking at a screen and not being able to touch it. You also said you new the temperature so assume you know what you are doing. I haven’t seen anything like that just a little discoloration when I had my water a little to hot.
  8. Slike

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    Huh, that's strange. I don't know what their living conditions were, but is it really humid or poorly ventilated by chance?

    First thing that came to mind was a fungal infection, but I've never seen a chicken contact skin fungus in the way that humans do. I don't know. Cornish X spend so much time laying down because of their physical issues that I wouldn't put it past them.

    That or some bacterial skin infection I'm unfamiliar with are my best guesses.
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  9. pintail_drake2004

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    Jun 12, 2017
    looks like too hot of a scald to me
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  10. aart

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    x3 scalding water too hot.
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