pics of my chickens


10 Years
Sep 1, 2009

this is Little Bit she is 22 months old has layed 7 tiny eggs and is half white wyandotte, half brown leghorn.

this is Breech, same age, 3 huge dark brown eggs. oddly she hatched from a very light brown egg. she is red sex link off spring.

this is Rufous, not likely long for this world. but is treating the older gals with a little more repect now.

this is the first of my 4 EEs. they are nearly 2. Her name is Dummy, because she is.

this is Courageous, but she isn't. she is a good layer as is apparent here.

Pearl is the white one; she is a very good layer of large blue eggs.
Curious is in front of her, and she is the benevolent dictator of the yard. But she has never been a great layer.

here is a sampling of their eggs. the brown one is Breech's first eggs. Little Bit is apparently going to continue with the tiny eggs.

and this is their home. the young ones are spending their first night with the old hens. They have lived in my greenhouse until now, but have spent a number of days in an ajacent daytime pin that connects to the secure pin. Then I opened the gate between so they could mingle. They get alon better than I thought they would, but I had the opportunity to do it gradual. the coop is 4 by 6 and you can see the addition i put on it for the winter out of greenhouse left over clear poly. they walk down the plank into it from the coop and around the corner to the run. I will simply unscrew the wall panels and store it for the summer. I intend to remove the nest boxes and reattach them as an exterior wall addition like so many other do, mostly for the added room inside. i want to put more roost inside. there are vents up under the eave on either side that i open or close as the weather dictates.

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