Pics of my handsome little D'Uccle, and his wives!


12 Years
Aug 30, 2007
I'm not much of a bantam person, but I just love this little guy. He's nice too, and hasn't tried to launch an attack on me unlike some others here! He has three D'Uccle wives. I had no idea how far a D'Uccle could fly until I moved them the other day. The wet weather was getting their feet muddy, and one of them got away while I was moving them to a dry coop. She flew 100' without stopping, but luckily got stuck in a tumbleweed when she landed! She was about 10' off the ground too.



They are very pretty! Very nice full breasts! and nice beards. some of my uncles flew up into a pine tree last summer. that was fun trying to get them back.
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I thought I was going to have to get my German Shorthair out to catch her LOL
Beautiful d'Uccles you have there, they are very nice quality and I love to hear that they are nice! I've heard that alot of peoples d'Uccle roosters are nasty, but it looks like both of ours are sweet
Which is nice!
Mine are decent fliers, though you should have seen my d'Anver flying, she was almost as good as a pigeon!
Beautiful! I have a mille fleur roo and he's not nasty though he is wary of strangers. He is very good with the girls.

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