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    Jun 11, 2007
    I've posted this problem a few weeks ago, now I have included a picture. I have 9 RIR hens and 5 of them now have the feathers picked clean off their necks. I'm certain it is happening at night while roosting. I noticed this happening before I introduced 6 new chicks into the coop. My 6 new chicks look great with no feather loss - which makes me think my RIR don't have a disease. I have added AVIA Pro to their water, given them dry cat food and black oil sunflower seeds and sprayed their necks with Blue Kote. Also, given them shade(we live in florida) and more room to perch and dusted them 2 different times for mites. The problem is only getting worse. I also included a picture of one of my hen's rear end, it has feather loss and the skin is red and swollen as if it is infected. Any suggestions??? Thanks.

    Here is the bald neck;

    Here are two pictures of the swollen rear end;
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    Mar 25, 2007
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    Have you noticed if the other chickens are plucking or could it possibly be a reaction to something. Has anyone sprayed any insecticide or anything new been added to their environment directly or indirectly (other than the new chickens). Also are the chickens moving their bowels ok. Could they possibly be impacted? Just some thoughts that came to my mind.
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    above article may be helpful...I would suggest you get AviaCharge 2000 (a complete nutritional/vitamin supplement which you can purchase online from McMurry or Strombergs) and in addition to this also give three drops of POLYVISOL (liquid childrens vitamins) a day for a week and then taper off... this will rule out any vitamin/nutritional assoc cause of the problem.

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