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With our great new homepage for BYC, we've also now got an exciting new system and process for our Picture Of The Week (POW), so we need your submissions!!!

Your Submissions MUST:
  • Be an image you took & own the rights to
  • Be a sharp, clean, picture that's at least 800 pixels wide
  • Include a short sentence about your picture, e.g., "My overly friendly Buff Orpington named Alehendra"
  • We prefer "landscape" (sideways) photos, but we'll accept really awesome"portrait"(tall) pictures... we just may need to crop them
Submit your POW by simply replying to this thread and attaching an image :)

We don't have a strict process or time-frame for how/when the POWs are posted, but in general they will be posted to the homepage weekly, and clicking on the POW will bring you to the post within this thread where the image was submitted.

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