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Jan 4, 2019
North East USA
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🙁Nice hen-pic, but Mipsy’s setting doesn’t look comfy/spacious.
Oh, she is only in there for about 10 minutes everyday.

This is why:

I have 1 adult hen and three chicks. Mipsy, Pippy, and Penguin. The hen is named Blamo.

I used to throw layer pellets and chick feed to Blamo and the chicks, so hopefully they would eat the right kind. Turns out, Blamo loved the chick feed and the chicks loved Blamo's feed. I wanted the chicks to get the right feed for at least a little longer. So, I pulled my dog crate up to the gate in the run and put the chicks into it. I then gave the chicks chick food and Blamo layer pellets in two separate areas. As soon and they were done eating, I let the chicks back into their huge run and cosy coop.

What do you think?

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