Pictures of Standards and bantams together?

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    Feb 5, 2009
    Hi, If this is in the wrong section- sorry!

    I am very bad at using the search, but I cant find any pictures of Bantys and Standards hanging out together. I'm getting some of each, and they'll be divided in the coop, but free ranging together. So, I was hoping to see some other pictures of mixed size communities.

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    It's a blurry pic, sorry! We have a variety of different breeds living together. Banys and standards. Eggers, Daul-purpose, exhibition, we just love them! This is the only pic I have right now of most of the flock. Note that even more are hiding inside. (Sadly, all of the ones hiding are my bantams. You only see the Jap here.) Ducks included!
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    Here's Tribble, our banty cochin, with Nugget, our RIR:

    You can barely see Tribble here, behind the BR:

    She gets along just fine with the 3 big girls. We're getting chicks at the end of the month and are hoping that she'll raise them: BO, Australorp, and Polish.
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    Feb 3, 2009
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    Quote:sorry to steal your thread, but what is the breed of the tan chicken below your poilish

    (once again OP, sorry ....)

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