Pigeon 4H Showmanship?

Discussion in 'Exhibition, Genetics, & Breeding to the SOP' started by CascadiaRiver, Apr 23, 2017.

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    Dec 12, 2014
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    Would it be possible to do showmanship with a pigeon? If so what actions do I need to know? I'm in Washington State and I am part of a (mostly chicken) poultry 4H club. I've done showmanship with chickens before and am hand raising a pigeon right now who i in my lap currently. In chicken showmanship you have to do things like "show the wing" "show the keel" "show the foot" "name the parts of the wing and so on but what are the actions I should know or consider for pigeon showmanship? I know 2 ways to properly hold them securely and can make my pigeons wing come out (not on my handraised one well its young and its wings are still growing so I dont mess w/ them too much in case they hurt.)

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