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Hi, I wondered if anyone can tell me if keeping Pigeons is "easy"! I mean i would like to tame a few babies then build a shed so they could be free-range birds but be tame at the same time and i would feed them at night and in the daytime they could forage themselves? Do you think that would be possible? And a male and female would breed on their own and they would make their own flock? Tell me what you think!
I've never raised them but I was presenting a seminar at the Midwest Heritage Poultry conference. There was a guy giving a presentation on pigeons and I was quite impressed with how easy their care seemed and how productive they are. If I had the time, I'd go for it.
They are super easy to care for and very hardy.

I would only change couple of things with you set up....

1.. DON'T leave them to free range all day when you are out.

This is because hawks may get them, or cats can get into the shed too.

2. Feed them in the morning before you go out.

This is because if you get back after dark they won't feed.. they will be roosting... Or better still have food fountin feeder wth food for them 24 /7. You can keep chicken layer pellets in there or plain seeds like wheat.... and then use other seeds (pigeon seed mix) or peanuts to get them tame and train them when you are there with them.
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