Pigeons and Doves


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
NE Wisconsin
Okay, so my fiancee went to a fur and feather swap today and came home with four silkies(we thought two of them were hens but now think they might all be roosters, unless hens can crow?) He also came home with six pigeons and four morning doves. (Oh and three japanese bantams.) I don't know a thing about pigeons or doves. Any ideas or tips on how to care for them or make them hand friendly?
It might help to know that they are Mourning Doves. I think the name came from the cry they make..sounds so mournful.
they need room to fly straight more than up.. and they lay lots of eggs and you can sure have a bunch of em in a short while. would love to see a pix of them.
its hard to tame them after they reach adulthood., but if you handle the babies they react well.
Ive had a cote of doves for years now.. and in a huge chicken wire pen in the back yard, Two escapped and have stayed in the yard for months now.. very smart about being caught. once they see one caught in a trap of a kind you can forget it, the others wont let that happen to them. so since these have done so well at dodging the hawks and cats, Ive about decided to build a cote, or have one built, and let all of them fly freely.
I have about 2o of them and to watch them fly over my property is surely the grandest thrill. Im scared to do it,, but truly the two that are free surely are a pleasure more so than the others who are caged.
I started with one that is white with brown spots on him. a woman gave me two more.. females a pink one and a gray one.. named Pinky and Stormy. and now i have the most colorful arrangement of doves Ive ever seen. IN fact a wild one somehow appeared here and got into the cage.. I dont know for the life of me how he did that.. but BUT he bred with my doves and now I have a couple that sure do look like wild doves. May be my imagination..but i do t hink so.
HOw i love my doves..the songs they sing are so wonderful and restful and soulful. I sure would miss that serenade each day.. morning and evening.. jdy
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