Pip crack but no hole


In the Brooder
Oct 19, 2018
Hi its day 22 and i saw a pip crack. It was a piece of shell sticking out. but 3 hours later or more and there is no progress. Its not even a hole just a crack. No movement or chirps. Is it resting or is it dead? Please help! I'm very anxious.
Unfortunately, I would have to say the chick is dead. Before assuming this, candle the egg to make sure there are no tiny movements from inside the egg. If there is, or if you're still not sure, take a pair of tweezers and peel a small portion of the egg shell back where the crack is, being careful not to disturb the surrounding veins and membrane. This way you can check to see if there is anything moving in there. I hope this helps !!
I always see cracks before holes... and often experience times of rest with no response... any progress since your post?

If you are just seeing this on day 22... your instruments for measuring temperature and humidity may have been off.

What kind of eggs are you incubating? In what bator? Any power outages or other points of concern? Shipped eggs or your own? Where is current temp and humidity?


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