Piperazine Citrate for worming my hens!!

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    Hi everyone

    I need to worm my hens. They have just begun to lay this week but two of the egg shells were soft. The first egg we ate and it was apparently delicious even though it was a little small! So, anyway, i think I found a roundworm this morning and would like to worm them all.

    I live in Mallorca, Spain and have a 100g packet of Piperacina Syva polvo, which is Piperazine Citrate oral powder. composision is 1000mg (100)g of piperazine citrate.

    For the dosage it states: Chickens: 0.9g per 10Kg bw during 2 consecutive days.

    It also states I can put it in their feed or in their drinking water, I thought the water route would be best for them. However, I get that it's 0.9g of powder but is the 10KG bodyweight the overall flock weight? or per chicken? I have no clue what they weigh and it will be a pain in the bum catching them to weigh, especially the cockerel who is massive!

    Can anyone please let me know EXACTLY how much water I need to put the powder in?? I am being extra cautious as I do not want to overdose them.

    The withdrawl period is only 2 days for meat. It doesn't state anything for eggs.

    thank you
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